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For more than two decades, our Forensic Audio Enhancement service has been a trusted partner, aiding clients in enhancing and cleaning up their audio recordings. 

We specialize in recovering crucial dialogue that can play a decisive role in legal cases. However, our expertise extends beyond legal proceedings; we also cater to a diverse array of personal and domestic recordings that hold intrinsic value to the listener. Whether it involves restoring an old recording of a loved one, improving the clarity of a voicemail message, or enhancing the quality of a 911 call, our team of experts is dedicated to providing assistance.

Harnessing advanced audio enhancement tools and techniques, we excel at eliminating background noise, enhancing dialog intelligibility, and clarifying your recordings. This transformative process ensures that your audio becomes more comprehensible and user-friendly. Reach out to us today to delve into how we can support you with your audio enhancement requirements, regardless of the nature of the recording.

Arlo West CEO, Creative Forensic Services
Arlo West CEO, Creative Forensic Services

In our Forensic Audio Enhancement service, we prioritize a personalized approach for every audio recording entrusted to us. Upon receiving your recording, our initial step involves capturing a sample of the unwanted noise or interference. We then craft a customized algorithm designed specifically to target and remove the identified issues, tailoring the procedure to the unique characteristics of your recording. 

Once the algorithm is developed, we deploy it using our advanced audio enhancement tools and techniques to eradicate static, air conditioning noise, wind noise, hiss, hum, or any other disruptive sounds that might compromise the clarity of the desired dialog. Through our personalized methodology and bespoke algorithms, we consistently deliver superior results, providing clean, clear audio optimized to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in enhancing the quality of your audio recordings.



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