Audio Authentication Service

Do you have doubts about the authenticity of an audio recording due to potential editing or tampering? 

 If your case relies on audio evidence that you suspect has been forged or altered, you'll require the expertise of an analysis professional to detect any redactions or modifications. Our Authentication Edit Detection and Analysis Service offers precisely that! 

 At Creative Forensic Services, we specialize in examining and analyzing recorded video and audio evidence to detect any tampering or edits. The process of verifying the legitimacy or genuineness of an audio recording is referred to as forensic audio authentication. Disputes may arise concerning the admissibility of recorded evidence, such as in cases where a confession was obtained from an accused person based on a previous recording.

We've been authenticating audio and video files for clients for over two decades. Identifying a falsified or edited recording could make or break a case in court. Our laboratory is fully equipped with advanced hardware and software tools to assist examiners in their audio authentication analysis. Keep in mind, you only get one shot in court.

Arlo West CEO, Creative Forensic Services
Arlo West CEO, Creative Forensic Services

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