Voice Recorder Enhancement

Digital Voice Recorder - Denoise - Audio Enhancement and Restoration Service
Digital Voice Recorder Enhancement and Noise Reduction

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Today, tech savy people are using digital voice recorders for anything from audio surveilance, interogation of witnesses or even domestic problems.
Although they are superior in quality than the old analog audio cassette most people still do not use them properly or position them for the best possible audio signal.
In some cases for instance the recorder may have been placed in a bad location like underneath a car seat. There might be other issues like microphone proximity, voice activation or a very low quality bit rate for a longer recording.

All of these factor in and can cause improper signal to noise ratios.

Creative Forensic Services can help you with your voice recorder digital audio enhancement and dialog inteligibility needs.

Enhancement of digital audio from a small hand held digital voice recorder is similar to the audio tape method.
The audio is extracted via USB or if USB is not available digitized from the recorder and put into the forensic audio computer.
Noise removal filters and enhancement techniques are applied and then the inteligibility is increased.

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