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CFS is a Forensic Audio and Video lab servicing legal and domestic clients worldwide in the analysis and enhancement of Recorded Audio & Video Evidence. The CFS facility is located in Lewiston, Maine and the NYIFA Certified A/V Expert - Arlo West is a member of The American College of Forensic Examiners, Audio Engineering Society and The Police Policy Studies Counsel.
Our services include Forensic Audio Enhancement, Audio Authentication Analysis, Video Enhancement and Video Authentication, Voice Identification, Image Enhancement and Authentication and a wide range of other Forensic Analysis services.
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Arlo West, is an Internationally known Forensic Audio expert with more than 30 years of experience in the audio and film industry.
Mr. West has provided expertise and consulted with several major networks including CNN, ABC NBC, CBS, FOX. He has appeared on Larry King, Good Morning America, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Crime Watch Daily, and consulted for Dr. Phil, TMZ, Hollywood Life and Animal Planet.

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Comprehensive Reports and Expert Testimony

Forensic Audio Enhancement Expert

"Our audio and video lab will analyze your evidence and we can also provide you with a written report, affidavit and sworn expert witness testimony. I can Clean the Noise from your Digital Audio Recording. " - Arlo West

Internationally renowned Forensic Audio Expert Arlo West on Larry King,Voice Identification Expert
Forensic Audio Expert - Arlo West has also consulted with news publications including Orlando Sentinel, LA Sun Journal, Miami Herald.
Mr. West has testified and or consulted as a forensic audio expert in many high-profile cases. Trayvon Martin, Natalee Holloway, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are just a few of the cases that he has provided expertise for. Forensic Audio Enhancement, Audio Authentication, Restoration Analysis of Recorded Evidence. We have provided forensic expertise in hundreds of cases involving Audio, Video and Photographic Evidence.

Arlo West on Crime Watch Daily
Audio forensics

We work with multiple Audio and Video media formats. We can enhance, authenticate and analyze Surveillance Recordings, Interview Recordings, Voice Recorder files, Audio WAV files, Pocket Dial, Voicemail Audio and Video, Noise Reduction, Dialog Intelligibility and Edit Detection, Redaction or Tampering of both audio and video Recorded Evidence.
Audio Enhancement is another type of analysis that an Audio Forensics Expert might be asked for help with by a client.
Forensic Audio Enhancement might be used to remove background noise which may interfere with the audibility or intelligibility of recorded dialog. By applying [Read More]


Our Services

Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement can Clean the Noise from your Digital Audio Recording.
Digital Audio Enhancement improves the intelligibility of the dialog contained in the recording. Being able to hear and understand recorded dialog in a judicial hearing can make or break a case.
Creative Forensic Services can help improve the quality of your recorded audio with noise reduction and dialog enhancement.

Photographic Image Forensic Analysis

Do you have an image or photograph which needs to be cleaned up or restored?
Maybe of an old loved one or a frame from a Closed Caption TV that is grainy, pixelated or interlaced?
Creative Forensic Services provides image analysis and authentication.

Audio Authentication

Clients often ask this one question.
"Has the audio or video recording been Altered, Edited, Redacted or Changed in some way? And can this be proven?"
The answer is, "Yes."
If a recording has been edited or altered, and the authenticity of the recording is questioned, then the admissibility of that evidence can be disputed.
Creative Forensic Services offers both Forensic Audio Authentication and Video Authentication.

Forensic Transcript

Transcription of poor quality audio often leads to [inaudible] or incomplete transcripts. Our process of Audio Enhancement and Forensic Transcription includes both a Video Transcript and a traditional Paper Transcript. Dialog intelligibility, audibility and accuracy are fundamental in proving your case. We can help.

Pocket Dial
Cell Phone Message
Voice Mail Analysis

Federal Communications has acknowledged that pocket dialing is a growing problem. You may have received a Pocket Dial Voice Mail Message and you think your domestic partner, wife, husband is cheating. But the audio is unclear and you want to know for sure.
Analysis can often resolve questions about sounds, content and dialog in your voice mail.

Expert Witness Testimony

Arlo West has given qualified testimony and presented evidence as a certified audio expert witness throughout the United States.
His expertise in audio and video forensics has gained both national and international attention in several high-profile cases. He has helped hundreds of people with their cases.