Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement - Dialog Intelligibility Improvement for audio and video recordings with Noise Reduction and Removal
Audio Enhancement - Your case is based upon an audio recording containing dialog which is very hard to hear.

Audio Enhancement is another type of analysis that an Audio Forensics Expert might be asked for help with by a client.
Forensic Audio Enhancement might be used to remove background noise which may interfere with the audibility or intelligibility of recorded dialog. By applying compression and limiting techniques, EQ and noise reduction algorithm’s to Recorded Evidence the dialog, which may previously have been inaudible, can in most cases be rendered audible.
This is known as or commonly searched as the following terms on the internet.
Digital Audio Enhancement if the device used was recording a digital audio format such as WAV, MP3, AIFF or similar types of audio recordings.
Audio Tape Enhancement if the device used was an analog cassette, micro cassette, reel tape machine or any other recorder which uses magnetic analog oxide tape.
Forensic Audio Enhancement is a specific generalization of the term Audio Enhancement. When a person does a search on Google using Forensic Audio Enhancement they are seeking a qualified Forensic Audio Expert. A Forensic Audio expert should be consulted and retained for this methodology.
Audio Enhancement is often used as a search term for cleaning background noise from recorded evidence but it can have several meanings or generalizations of the term. It is widely understood that Audio Enhancement is recognized as a search term for the hearing impaired. It is also widely known as a search term for Music Enthusiasts who are looking to improve the quality of the recordings they listen to.

Audio Authentication for instance is the verification of an audio recording to prove that the audio evidence presented is what it is purported to be. Tampering, Edits, Redactions, Metadata, Chain of Custody issues are some of the things that a Forensic Audio Expert would examine to prove or disprove authenticity in both Audio and Video recordings.

Digital audio voice recorders are frequently used to record and produce audio for use as evidence. Often times the audio signal can be poor quality causing intelligibility issues within the recorded dialog. A forensic audio expert is consulted and retained for the analysis and enhancement of the recording.

This process is known as Audio Enhancement and it improves the intelligibility of the recorded dialog offered as evidence. Dialog intelligibility enhancement and Noise reduction are the focus of our Audio Enhancement. Audio Enhancement can help improve the intelligibility of recorded dialog used as evidence.

Many times recorded evidence is produced in such a way that microphone proximity issues result in intelligibility problems and this can be very hard to hear and to transcribe accurately. The intelligibility of dialog, recorded as evidence on a digital recorder that is to be presented in a judicial hearing can make or break a case. Transcription of poor quality or noisy audio is very difficult for many reasons and results in limited accuracy.

The transcription expert when confronted with noise levels that are greater than the content of the dialog can render many areas as [inaudible]. Our lab is equipped with some of today's most powerful software like iZotope RX 5 Advanced, Ozone 7 Advanced as well as sophisticated hardware for enhancing audio recordings and ultimately improving audibility and intelligibility