Forensic Audio Enhancement Service

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Audio Enhancement

iZotope RX 4 Advanced Technology

  • Forensic Audio Enhancement can help improve the intelligibility of recorded dialog used as evidence.
  • Many times recorded evidence is produced in such a way that microphone proximity issues result in intelligibility problems and this can be very hard to hear and to transcribe accurately.
  • The intelligibility of dialog recorded as evidence on a tape or digital hand held recorder and to be presented in a judicial hearing can make or break a case.
  • Cassette tape is inherently noisy and when a recording is made in such a way that it worsens the signal to noise ratio it becomes problematic for the listener.
  • Transcription of noisy audio is very difficult for many reasons and results in limited accuracy.
  • One significant reason is that the transcription expert when confronted with noise levels that are greater than the content of the dialog can render many areas as [inaudible].
  • Our lab is equipped with some of today's most powerful software like iZotope RX 2 Advanced as well as sophisticated hardware for enhancing audio recordings and ultimately improving audibility and intelligibility.

Audio and Video Forensic Enhancement and Analysis

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